These 3 Allergens Could Make You Sick

For people who are trying to maintain a high quality of life, being chronically ill is a major problem. While it is a first world problem to have to deal with major irritants in the air, it is still a problem nonetheless! There are many things that could be making you sick or elevating your level of discomfort. If you are aware of any of these allergens in your home or where you live, there are a few suggests that we can make to help you out.

  1. Pollen – of course, this is the main one and it is regional and not entirely something you can control. In some regions of the world, allergies are quite bad because the surrounding area is filled with specific kinds of trees and plants. If you are sensitive to these, you’ll end up sick and with allergic reactions. One way to combat this naturally is to eat some honey that is made locally. This will have all the pollen you face and an introduction will make it easier for your body to handle itMold
  2. Mold – if you don’t know, there might be mold in your home and it is in your best interest to seek and destroy as quickly as you can. Most people who are afraid of mold do not realize that it is hiding under the shower curtain, in the bathroom, and other parts of your home that you have no idea!
  3. Dust – how often do you clean your home? When you do clean it, what kind of tools do you use? Both of these questions will determine how much dust is in the home and how much you kick up just trying to fix it. Make sure you don’t end up on the raw end of the deal by cleaning and polluting your own air!