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Sweet and Regular Potatoes – What’s the Difference?

Every single food has advantages and disadvantages and when it comes to potatoes, there are more things to consider than you might expect. For example, if you are living in the United States, you might not have seen that there are dozens of species of potatoes. Many of these potatoes you have probably never seen before because this country is so focused on the few varieties we eat!

Sweet_potatoesThe difference between your average potato and a sweet potato is great. The typical potato is filled with a ton of starch and carbohydrates without actually providing a lot of nutrition. Because they are the cheapest and easiest to find (and breed), we have created carb heavy potatoes that fill us up and give a lot of calories, but they don’t have as many nutrients as we would like.

In South America there are many other types of potatoes that you might be able to find as well. These potatoes are filled with different nutrients, usually vitamins and minerals, that can have a profound impact on your overall health. Sweet potatoes are the same way, which is why they are so popular in the United States today. Many of the people who have taken up the Paleo diet are big eaters of sweet potatoes.

There are many advantages of the sweet potato over a regular potato if you are looking for nutrition over pure filler. The sweet potato also has a lot of fiber, vitamin A, and it is filled with potassium. In fact, sweet potatoes have more calcium than your average banana! So next time you are at the store, instead of opting for the typical filler potato that has little nutritional value, add a sweet potato to the mix and sweeten things up a bit.