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Areas of Darkness: How Qualia Makes The Shift

We congratulate you, and you are on the threshold of outstanding discoveries in the field of medicine. Perhaps now we are riding horses in a biological direction, and only we hear about there “there are magic tablets that will make us smarter,” probably, at the beginning of the 20th-century people also talked about airplanes and cars in any provincial town. And we only have to see the “TV,” not to mention the “thin and color.” And if physics (technology), primarily created and changed the environment of a person, then biology changes the person himself.

Just imagine what will happen to our world if the average person’s IQ increases twofold, and positive feelings (kindness, love, altruism, love for other people, peace and animals) will only increase. In such conditions, you can expect constant breakthroughs in a variety of areas. The development of the brain is precisely that sphere that can raise anything to a new stage of development. But “magic pills” – this is only part of the development of brain potential, and certainly not great. But we’ll talk about this later. So, what is known about nootropics, for today?

Nootropics are drugs and dietary supplements that help improve brain function, which subsequently affects the direct roles of the brain: memory, learning ability, concentration, etc. They are also credited with adapting properties under stressful situations (for example, with insufficient oxygen, while playing sports).

Piracetam, he’s Lucetsam, he’s Nootropic – is considered the first nootropic, was created in the second half of the 20th century.

Neurometabolic stimulants, or nootropics, were created to treat certain diseases, mainly related to dementia and poor memory and to restore the ability of the brain after trauma and stroke. The question is, what will happen to a healthy mind when taking nootropics? Someone says the legends about “a complete change of personality for six months,” someone on the contrary “Became lazy, drowsy and … his head ached.” In general, nootropics are useful, even with autosuggestion, you can dig into the world wide web and see for yourself. However, we will understand why all the effects on healthy people are so individual.

So what do nootropics, you ask? They help, create conditions, “clean” your brain, accelerate the transmission of signals between the hemispheres. Some (idebenone, noopept) have proven effects, true in rats, that the neuronal growth factor (NGF) increases, i.e., new nerve cells are added! New cells for memory, emotions, creativity …

How to use it? The study, study and study again. Here’s your motivation, you have no one to complain to. Of course, we exclude congenital diseases associated with dementia. And then, if a person tends to improve, if he, even unconsciously, wants it, then he too can show outstanding progress.

Many consider this effect – placebo, say nootropics do not work and rely on studies of the same piracetam, which were carried out on sick and seniors, it is unlikely that they were taught anything, and piracetam works ONLY under mental stress, read more about it in the corresponding Article.

So, nootropics can help you change, become smarter, the push for these changes lies with you.