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May 14

Areas of Darkness: How Qualia Makes The Shift

We congratulate you, and you are on the threshold of outstanding discoveries in the field of medicine. Perhaps now we are riding horses in a biological direction, and only we hear about there “there are magic tablets that will make us smarter,” probably, at the beginning of the 20th-century people also talked about airplanes and …

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May 02

The Best Medicine is an Aggressive Defense

When we think of being healthy at Stuttgart Medical, it can be a mixture of a few different things. Although we recognize that much of the billions of dollars that goes into healthcare is really focused on helping people with disease, we also like to consider the benefits of prevention. By having a preventative mindset, …

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Jan 16

Match Smart Drugs with Foreign Language Home Study Programs

A Powerful Combination Learning a foreign language is within reach of anybody who truly wants to learn. Sometimes, adults stammer at the idea, feeling too set in their ways with their native tongue. However, if you realize that learning a foreign language is simply word replacement, which we do naturally and effortlessly in our native …

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Jan 08

A Few Secrets for Fat Burning (from Medical Experts)

As we develop new technologies to do imaging of the body, collect blood work, samples, and a host of other things, we are finding it more possible to better understand the secrets that make us work. As humans, developing ourselves and finding more efficient and effective ways of doing things is a huge advantage that …

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Oct 30

The Alpha Brain Review You Never Heard of

Most of the time when you are thinking about different nootropic drugs that improve brain health, Alpha Brain is at the top of the list. Promoted by Joe Rogan and Onnit (one of the largest companies that sells nootropics), it is no wonder they have become the most popular and well-recognized option. However, there are …

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Sep 19

Which Relaxing Supplements are Safe?

These days (at least in the United States), most doctors love to prescribe medications like Xanax and other prescription drugs that can solve anxiety and similar problems. Doctors who do prescribe these drugs often find that this is a far easier way out than actually treating the anxiety and symptoms over time with therapy and …

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Aug 15

How to Use Smart Drugs Intelligently

It is ironic that there are so many who are using smart drugs and many of them are not using them in the correct way. These people who are using the smart drugs without doing so intelligently often find out that they are unable to get the most from the drugs and in some cases …

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Jul 21

What Else Can You Add to Butter Coffee?

Over the past few years the craze of adding butter and coffee together has started to take off across the globe. People are trying this type of product globally and even famous people are starting to make comments on it. Joe Rogan and a number of other people are enjoying the combination of butter and …

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May 10

Stress Relief and Bacopa Monnieri

When most people think of stress relief they do not think of supplements that can actually help them to prevent stress. In most situations, people are immediately thinking about ways to relieve stress that include massages, taking some type of substance to make them feel better, or another activity that may not be appropriate to …

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Feb 19

How Racetams Help Memory Formation

Racetams are a family of drugs discovered in the 1960s that have had a profound impact on millions of people worldwide. Even though the official use for racetams is to help with memory formation and preventing memory loss in Alzheimer’s and dementia patients, it is actually useful for many different things besides that. People find …

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